Treatment of constipation folk remedies

Treatment of constipation folk remedies

Milk kvass from celandine

People’s treatment of constipation, as well as dysbiosis,  can help us in the following ways. Take one glass of chopped celandine grass, one glass of sugar and three liters of whey. The grass and sugar should be mixed and put on gauze, rolled and bandaged, put in a jar, where there should be whey. Cover the jar with gauze and place in a dark place. Insist the remedy for two weeks, and then strain and store in a refrigerator a jar with the mixture, covered with a lid of cellophane. Take the infusion in half a glass in the morning and evening thirty minutes before meals.

It is necessary to be treated for two weeks, and then take a break for a couple of days and drink the rest of the medicine again. Also, brush your teeth with sea salt and remove plaque on the tongue with a small spoon. Put vegetable oil in your mouth and suck on it, then you need to remove it from your mouth and rinse your mouth with warm water.

After that, drink the serum and have breakfast in half an hour.

For breakfast, it is recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, grate raw beets and carrots, fill with vegetable oil. The most important thing is to try to release the intestines in the morning.

Treatment of constipation in a child

For the treatment of constipation, the child has a very good, popular method of treating constipation.

Every morning, before the first feeding, give the child sterilized vegetable oil, starting with 1 drop, the next day – 2 drops, and so gradually bring their amount to 1/2 tsp. Take oil at 1/2 teaspoon to restore the bowel.

And in order to sterilize the oil, pour it into the jar and put it in cold water. Put the pot with water and a jar on a small fire and bring to a boil, then let the bank stand in the pan for half an hour until the water boils.


Treatment of constipation prunes

A pound of prunes pour three and a half liters of water and boil for twenty-five minutes over low heat. Then let the medicine cool. Add some buckthorn bark — fifty grams — and boil again on low heat for twenty-five minutes. Cool again, strain and pour into the composition of two hundred grams of “Holos” (this is an extract from the hips ).

It is necessary to drink a drink at night in half a glass. It is pleasant enough to taste.


Senna – a powerful laxative

There is one strong folk remedy for constipation – this is senna. Two teaspoons of senna should be mixed with 100 grams of prunes, brewed with three cups of boiling water, let it brew for three hours and drain. To use the composition should be every hour for three to five tablespoons until then until constipation will not pass.

The use of such a drug has practically no contraindications and its effect occurs 6–10 hours after administration.

Side effects are very rare: abdominal pain or loss of appetite. Apply a plant in the form of infusions, decoctions, dried extracts. It is known that various laxative preparations are prepared on the basis of senna.


Eat bran – and everything is normal

It is easy to get rid of constipation due to bran. In the first ten days, take one teaspoon, brewing with boiling water and filtering after they cool down. That is, the crushed crumb should be eaten with meals three times a day. The next cycle lasts 2 weeks, and the dose of bran is already 2 tablespoons per meal – also three times a day with meals.

Then eat dry bran two teaspoons three times a day with meals. Do this for two months.

Eating bran will make your intestines work harder, make it stronger, and you will always get rid of decomposition products in time and prevent intoxication of the body.


Exercises to improve bowel function

Traditional medicine can offer many recipes for the normal functioning of the intestine. For example, here is one of them. In the morning, while still in bed, press on the hypochondrium on the right side for about three minutes.

Also, do acupressure in a place that is located two centimeters below the navel. Try lying on your back, put on this place the tips of the fingers of both hands and gradually push them deep into until you feel something firm. Lie down for two minutes. Breathing must be deep.

Do the exercise about three to five times. In order to fully recover, do this massage daily.

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