Treatment of breast cancer folk remedies

Treatment of breast cancer folk remedies

The breast tumor is one of the most popular diseases among women and young girls in our time. The main reasons for the development of breast cancer are polluted urban ecology, bad habits, unhealthy diet, constant nervous tension. However, at the initial stage, breast cancer can be detected, and, moreover, successfully cured.

In folk medicine, there are a huge number of different recipes that will help to significantly ease and shorten the course of the disease. Moreover, the main components of these recipes are medicinal herbs. It should be understood that the treatment with folk remedies alone may not be enough to completely get rid of breast cancer; therefore, it is very important to use special medication prescribed by a breast doctor during the course of treatment. Folkways of getting rid of the tumor act as additional support for the female body during the period of the prescribed treatment.

The following are the most popular and effective folk methods and means by which you can partially prevent the development of oncology, and more precisely breast cancer.

These include:

  • herbs, infusions and medicinal decoctions based on them;
  • warm compresses;
  • gadgets;
  • herbs and herbal solutions in the fight against breast cancer.

The main goal in the treatment of breast cancer – to destroy uncontrolled dividing cancer cells, which at the time of progression of the disease actively multiply. Poisons in traditional medicine will help to stop or slow down this process.

Important rules in the treatment of folk remedies

However, using such traditional methods, during the death of cancer cells, healthy ones are also destroyed, therefore, during treatment, several tinctures should not be taken at the same time, the concentration of toxic substances in which is very high. Overdose with the decoction of herbs such as celandine, aconite, and also tincture of nuts, often for the patient’s body can be a serious danger, so these folk methods and drugs are not always harmless.

When preparing solutions from herbs, it is also very important to observe they’re correct ratio. Herbs collected on their own will be a good option for making a decoction, but not everyone has such an opportunity, so in this case, you can get by with the usual fees that are sold in any pharmacy. But which herbs are more suitable for getting rid of breast cancer with folk remedies? With full confidence, we can say that for these purposes such popular recipes as, for example, infusions of celandine, calendula, dogrose, miner, sprocket, burnet, sudroennik will be an excellent option.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Burdock root

Burdock root

Effective folk remedies in the treatment of breast cancer tumors serve as decoctions of burdock root. For their preparation, you need to squeeze the juice of chopped burdock root, pre-brew about 500 grams of this mixture. After the juice is infused, it must be mixed with buckwheat honey (250 g) and lemon juice (three pieces will suffice). All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed together, then placed in a container of dark glass.

This decoction should be applied at bedtime, a few teaspoons. The period of taking funds is twelve days. Before starting, about three days in advance, you need to pre-clean the body with an enema and completely eliminate meat dishes from the diet.

Cherry branches

Also, a great tool in the fight against breast cancer would be a decoction of the branches of the cherry. To prepare this remedy, you need to pour a handful of cherry twigs with a liter of natural goat’s milk (you can use cow’s milk, but there will be more effective from goat’s), heat the resulting mixture over low heat for six hours. The course of treatment is two months (+ -10 days). Take the decoction should be four times a day before each meal.

Herbal Solution

During breast cancer, mastopathy or otherwise, fibroadenoma, not all drugs and agents can have a positive effect. However, these popular recipes are very effective in fighting breast cancer in most cases. For the preparation of one of these tools will require a very large number of medicinal herbs, namely: angelica grass, valerian root, dandelion petals, burnet, oregano, plantain leaves, St. John’s wort, dried honey, succession, yarrow, celandine, immortelle flowers, thyme, millennium , sage, nettle, calendula, eucalyptus, linden, chamomile, coltsfoot herbs, birch leaves and pine collection.

Herbal Solution

To prepare such a solution, it is necessary to collect all the listed preparations in the same amount and boil it all in boiling water in a ratio of 1 cup / 2 teaspoons of the collection. After the solution is infused for half an hour, it needs to be drained and drunk throughout the day in small sips. The only difficulty is that this infusion should be prepared every day, as it is best to use it fresh. The course of treatment for a breast tumor, in this case, is one month.

Such folk remedies and recipes, which include many different herbs, are most effective in combating tumors.

Compresses and lotions

For the treatment of breast cancer may be useful tools. The use of compresses and lotions for getting rid of breast cancer very often has only positive and quite effective action.

Oat compress

Thus, an oat compress can significantly reduce the swelling on the chest. For this tool, you need to pre-cook oats (cooking time about 10 minutes), and until it is cold, wrap this mush in gauze. This compress should be applied to the sore area on the chest, wrapping it over a cellophane film and additionally tied up with a warm scarf. Keep such a compress should be about three hours. In addition, do not rush to pour out the oatmeal broth, as it will be very useful to drink to treat the body from the inside. Just replace your usual drinks, like coffee or tea. Infusion of oat grains is a storehouse of essential amino acids that are able to bind and gradually remove heavy metals, slags, toxins and poisons from the body. In addition, oats are rich in vitamins A, B, E, as well as magnesium salts.

Compresses of snowdrop and white lily

Compresses from a snowdrop and a white lily will help speed up the process of treatment, as well as recovery from breast cancer. Prepare the stitched bandage, after placing a cotton wool or cotton pad in the middle, soak it in broth or tincture of a white lily and snowdrop and attach it too. After the compress dries, it must be changed. This recipe is quite simple to prepare: just fill 0.5-liter cans with snowdrops and lily flowers, and pour them with medical alcohol. However, it is necessary to prepare such a therapeutic solution for oncology in advance, as it takes a long time to infuse (about 20 days). The treatment should last a month.

Oak bark

For the next useful product, you will need oak bark, which can be purchased at a pharmacy selling medicinal products. Oak bark should be finely chopped, then pour two teaspoons of the mixture with 250 ml of raw water. Leave the solution overnight, bring to a boil in the morning, cool, then boil again. Then you need to leave the infusion “rest” for three hours. Oak bark lotions for breast cancer should be done twice daily, leaving the lotion on the breast for about 25 minutes.

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