Treatment of baldness running stage

Treatment of baldness running stage

See a doctor when bald for half ahead – it is still normal for our men. Much worse – to put up with the problem, taking it as a tribute to age and an excess of testosterone. The sad fact is that not always there are good specialists prescribing adequate treatment of baldness. In any case, you can order a remedy for alopecia the store to restore hair density and beauty.

Why do men go bald

There are many reasons why men lose their hair more often than women. People explain the thinning of temperament, the presence of a harmful wife, eating a bald patch, or a genetic trait. As a rule, alopecia treatment has to be performed due to dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is formed under the influence of a special enzyme and affects negatively on the hair follicles.

The process of follicle degradation under the action of DHT is called androgenetic alopecia – it does not belong to the most complex forms, like cicatricial, and can be “cured” by using special lotions, gels. Even if your situation is rather serious, it is possible to stimulate hair growth, the main thing is not to overgrow the mouth of the follicles. In the worst case, only a transplant will help. If the baldness originated less than 10 years ago, you should definitely be treated using a tool with minoxidil and auxiliary components.

Product Benefits with Minoxidil:

  • Suitable for the treatment of gene, diffuse alopecia.
  • Available lotions that treat men and women.
  • Does not cause severe allergic reactions (without PG).
  • Easy to apply, does not leave greasy marks on clothes.
  • Results in several months.
  • You can get it without a prescription and not be afraid of side effects.
  • The effectiveness of the main substance is confirmed by clinics.

A strong remedy for alopecia

To treat baldness in men who lose their hair for about a decade, with lotion with the content of 5% minoxidil is meaningless. This concentration is relevant if the thinning occur recently. In other cases, you need to prefer the dosage from 10% to 15%. If in doubt about the result, then take a drug that contains finasteride, azelaic acid. Finasteride blocks the hormone DHT, azelaic acid improves the skin condition of the hair.

Some guys basically do not use lotions with finasteride, as they fear a decrease in libido. But in liquid preparations, it is contained in small doses, which cannot reduce anything except thinning the hair. Do not worry, baldness treatment can always be treated using the drug only with Minoxidil, an acid. One of them is IISolutions. It is produced in America. It contains the maximum amount of minoxidil (15%) and azelaic acid. Her in lotion 5%. On the day you need only 2 ml of funds, 1 for morning and evening. The drug stimulates the follicles, strengthens the hair, fights cross-section.

If a man is prone to allergies, order a baldness remedy without propylene glycol. Note, IISolutions lotion is with PG and without it.

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