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How to start losing weight 2 times faster: 23 secret ways

How to start losing weight 2 times faster: 23 secret ways

Many people know that fast metabolism is the key to weight loss. Nevertheless, the idea that speeding it up is a mission of the impossible category has long been ingrained in our minds. Good news: to lose weight, it is not necessary to eat cabbage leaves and chicken breast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is enough to know non-obvious ways with which you can accelerate metabolism and lose those extra pounds quickly and easily.

Drink Matcha Tea

Researchers found that the content of epigallocatechin gallate in a match is 137 times more than in green and black teas. This type of Kakheti has anti-cancer properties, reduces the risk of memory and attention disorders, and improves skin condition. In addition, the compound stimulates the breakdown of fat and blocks the formation of a "lifeline" on the stomach. And one serving of drink contains four grams of protein - almost as many as in an egg!

Take Vitamin D

If there is a supplement that absolutely all Russians should take, then this is definitely vitamin D. The deficiency of the sun (on which this vitamin is formed in the body) and heat in most of our country have a negative effect not only on mood but also on the figure. As a result of the research, it turned out that people with blood in which the content of this compound is normal to lose their extra pounds more quickly than people with its deficiency. Also, vitamin D accelerates muscle growth and makes the body more resilient. Take it as a dietary supplement and eat more salmon, tuna and eggs.

Eat Organic Meat and Eggs

How to use energy derived from food, we are dictated by hormones. The body must always find a balance between thyroid hormones, sex, growth, appetite, and hunger. All this happens so that we remain slim, energetic and cheerful. These processes are very often violated due to harmful biologically active substances, which we get along with hormones stuffed with meat, dairy products, and eggs. If you want the metabolism to work without fail, pay attention to organic products.

Do not abuse snacks

We all remember that adherents of healthy lifestyles always urged us to have a snack during the day. Nuts, dried fruits or cottage cheese - it seems nothing harmful. The latest research shows that snacking is actually slowly but surely leading to weight gain. Moreover, the more often meals (even small ones), the more likely the formation of visceral fat. It is deposited around the abdominal organs and disrupts metabolic processes. It is also dangerous in that it increases the risk of heart disease, oncology, and varicose veins.

Eliminate diet soda

Yes, yes, it has no calories, but there is a mass of harmful sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose. Drinks containing these chemical compounds increase appetite and change the body's normal reaction to sugar. They lead to metabolic syndrome, characterized by high blood pressure, permanently elevated levels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood and an increase in the mass of visceral fat.

Eat bitter chocolate

Swiss scientists decided to prove that their country's brand delicacy is not only tasty but also useful. They found that people who eat thirty grams of dark chocolate daily have a low level of stress hormones and a fast metabolism, unlike those who do not eat sweetness. Experts believe that the flavonoids contained in cocoa play an important role in regulating metabolism. They reduce stress, which can lead to slower fat burning. We repeat a small amount of good dark chocolate, but not dairy!

Eat whole grains

Receiving pies and buns made from wheat flour as fuel, the body relaxes, because it does not require much energy to absorb them. But to digest pasta from wholemeal flour or whole grain bread, the body needs additional efforts. Energy is spent a lot, the metabolism accelerates, and, therefore, the fat is not deposited. Your choice is whole foods that are also rich in fiber: brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, bread, and wholemeal pasta.

Try to walk a lot

We sleep for about eight hours and spend the same amount while sitting at work. It turns out that most of the day we are without movement. The human body was not originally adapted to such a regime: our ancestors constantly moved, engaged in agriculture and hunted. It is not surprising that the problem of excess weight is now very acute. One way to burn more fat daily is to move. So walk more during the lunch break, and instead of the elevator, use the stairs.

Eat carbs in the evening

You heard right! We have always believed that the body transforms carbohydrates into energy only during the day. If you eat them at night, they will certainly turn into fat. But a new study of European scientists suggests otherwise. Experts advise dining at bedtime. Of course, this is not about hamburgers or other high-calorie dishes. It turned out that if you have a snack before bedtime fruit salad, rice with chicken breast or buckwheat salad, the stomach will begin to digest this food only the next day. The body will burn more calories. Also, scientists argue that those who "stretch" carbohydrate intake during the day, have a higher level of sugar in the blood than those who eat them at night.

Drink fat milk

You must admit that the inscription “1% fat” on the packaging of milk beckons all of us. But nutritionists and doctors in one voice say that you should not believe in this marketing move. This milk does not contain calcium, which helps the body metabolize fat more efficiently. In addition, the constant consumption of fat-free products entails the leaching of calcium from the bones, leading to osteoporosis.

Arrange chitmil

Experts of all stripes (nutritionists, trainers, and psychologists) agree that once a week you can allow yourself to relax a bit and read it. This is a planned departure from the diet. It, by the way, does not lead to a reverse weight gain, if everything is done according to the rules. Our body very quickly gets used to diets, dietary changes and rebuilds the energy expenditure for a new amount of incoming calories. The body stops responding correctly to the diet, and the weight rises. To avoid this, and you need to arrange a "shake-up" in the form of a planned violation of the diet. Choose a day, as well as a dish (for example, a hamburger) that you really wanted to eat in the last seven days. Just do not turn chitmil into a daytime “Czachor”!

Keep the house cool

We like to think that the more we sweat, the more fat we burn. Bikram yoga, for example, is held indoors, heated to forty degrees. Her adherents claim that since then all slags are released, and you lose weight faster. A group of researchers who published their work in one of the medical journals for treating diabetes proposed a different theory. According to her, low indoor temperatures are more effective in losing weight. It turns out that if you sleep in a ventilated bedroom, it can gradually lead to weight loss. You freeze, and to warm up, the body begins to break down visceral fat.

Conduct interval training

Without physical exertion, do not lose weight, we know this from childhood. Nevertheless, it is interval (circular) training - a type of activity that can accelerate weight loss at times. You alternate high-intensity loads with low-intensity exercises while losing six times more adipose tissue than during normal cardio training. Yes, your body works at the limit of its capabilities - it is difficult, but what is the result!

Stick to the anti-inflammatory diet

Do not rush to panic! This is not a normal diet with a dangerous reduction in the number of fats and carbohydrates consumed. The diet involves the consumption of as many fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains and fish as possible. But foods with a high glycemic index (bakery products made from wheat flour, milk chocolate) from the diet should be removed. Such food provokes the onset of inflammatory processes in the body, which, in turn, increases the risk of overweight and obesity.

Run on an empty stomach

Maybe this truth is known to many, but again. Running, perfect on an empty stomach, perfectly accelerates the metabolism. In the morning, the level of glycogen, which is a source of energy for the body during exercise, is minimal. Having not been fed from the outside (that is, from food), the body will have nothing left but to extract energy for training from what is most accessible. That is, from fat. This is actually losing weight.

Eat more almonds

A study conducted several years ago proved that those who want to lose weight need to eat almonds. Firstly, these nuts contain monounsaturated fats that regulate insulin levels in the blood. And secondly, nutritionists found out that it was almonds that help their patients not to overeat because they quickly saturate and retain a feeling of satiety for a long time. In addition, the fats contained in the almonds, cannot be digested completely, because the fiber from these nuts acts as a kind of obstacle.

Dim the lights

Slow metabolism, it turns out, is possible not only with the help of improper nutrition. Before going to bed, most of us, as a rule, leaf through Instagram tape or respond to messages that have accumulated during the day in messengers. So studies have shown that the light from the screens of mobile phones in the dark affects the appearance of excess weight! Not directly, of course, but indirectly. The fact is that at night the sleep hormone melatonin is produced, which helps speed up the metabolism. When the light is on, the biologically active substance ceases to be produced. So dim the brightness of the screens of your devices, and if possible do not use them at all before going to bed.

Drink black coffee

Black coffee is a useful drink and speeds up metabolism. Metabolism rate among American lovers is sixteen percent higher than that of cappuccino lovers! Scientists also found that coffee makes people more resilient and more suited to intense physical exertion. So a cup of espresso or americano before a workout will allow you to squeeze the most out of going to the gym.

Less stress!

According to a study by American scientists, stress slows down the process of digesting food. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that in a nervous state we are really drawn to fat and sweet food. With permanent psychological stress, cortisol (stress hormone) is constantly released into the bloodstream and affects not only mood but also the figure. A high level of cortisol for a long time leads to an excess of insulin in the blood, which is why overweight appears, degradation of muscle tissue, slower metabolism and other health problems.

Forget about daytime sleep

Advice, mainly relevant for freelancers, housewives, and students: try not to sleep during the day. Scientists have found that people, whose daily routine includes a mandatory daytime sleep, gradually slow down their metabolism. The fact is that lovers to take a nap during the daytime disturb the circadian rhythms (cyclical fluctuations of the intensity of various biological processes associated with the change of day and night), which play an important function in maintaining metabolism. If you can not sleep during the day, reduce the diet by 50-60 calories.

Eat more legumes

We ourselves are surprised. It turns out that those who eat a handful of legumes every day weigh an average of 3 kg less than those who do not. And this is despite the fact that this portion contains two hundred calories. No magic - just a combination of protein and fiber. Studies show that people who consume a sufficient amount of dietary fiber almost do not gain weight over time. In addition, it accelerates weight loss by thirty percent (in the presence of physical exertion and proper diet).

Eat protein for breakfast

Start your day with a protein breakfast. This may be cottage cheese, scrambled eggs from egg whites or chicken breast. Nutritionists say that the digestion of this substance requires two times more energy than the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Thus, right in the morning, you “swing” your body and set the body in mind to increase the burning of calories.

Drink plenty of water

Another way to wake up your body early in the morning is to start the day with a glass of water. This, by the way, is also one of the easiest and cheapest methods to speed up metabolism. Water suppresses appetite, involves accumulated fats in the body in metabolic processes and absorbs a certain amount of calories in the process of digesting food. Its disadvantage slows down the burning of fat, because the main task of the body is not losing weight, but restoring fluid balance

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