How to cope with cancer pain without pills

How to cope with cancer pain without pills

There are many auxiliary methods that will help alleviate the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person with cancer. Premonition of pain, its inevitability frighten and paralyze, depriving of strength and energy, and greatly reducing the quality of life during oncologic diagnosis. Therefore, it will not be out of place to adopt these simple methods and apply them if necessary.

According to statistics, only 10% of people with cancer need narcotic painkillers. The rest to reduce pain and pain, as a rule, use modern analgesics. 
In addition to them, you can apply essential oils. Of course, in the absence of individual intolerance. A good third of the total volume of essential oils has analgesic properties. 
For example, the oil and aroma of cinnamon help relieve irritation and fatigue. It is extracted from the bark of laurel trees. It is known that in ancient Egypt, cinnamon was used as an anesthetic: incense was sprayed during surgical operations.

Lemon oils obtained from the fruit of the lemon tree, effectively relieve headaches, anxiety, soothe. They are obtained from fruits in different ways, but the most valuable and therapeutically active is cold-pressed oil. It enhances immunity, regulates blood pressure, improves heart function. It is important to remember that all lemon oils have a photosensitizing effect.

A frequent companion of cancer – problems with digestion. In oncology, a person may lose his appetite, often there is a feeling of nausea, spasms. Mint oil or mint tea will help to neutralize these unpleasant symptoms. In addition, mint has antiseptic properties.

When oncology often occurs sleep disorders. Insomnia exhausts a person, as a result of which the efficiency and body defenses are reduced. Normalize sleep helps oil of lavender. This natural antidepressant, which is also used in aromatherapy as a tool for healing wounds, treating skin irritation, dermatitis, and stress relief.

In tandem with lavender, anise can be used – it perfectly eliminates tearfulness. Like lemon oil, bergamot oil has a tonic effect.

How to distinguish natural essential oil from synthetic?

Only natural oils are always used for the treatment!

1. Low cost. A natural remedy cannot be cheap. 
2. Natural essential oils are always poured into dark glass bottles. Essential compositions do not tolerate direct sunlight. 
3. If you drop the natural essential oil on a sheet of paper, then there will be a small greasy stain. Synthetic substances do not leave marks on paper. 
4. All predominantly natural essential oil bottles contain a dispenser, the volume of the bottle, as a rule, does not exceed 10 ml.

Not recommended! 
Apply the essential oil in its pure form on the skin, it can cause irritation.

It is recommended to
use essential compositions in various ways. 
1. Put 3-4 drops of oil in the aroma lamp and wait until the room is filled with the scent. 
2. You can “fill” aroma oils in a water diffuser. Then the fragrance will spread along with droplets of evaporating moisture and further moisten the air. 
3. Apply a couple of drops on a handkerchief or tissue paper and leave it on the table or next to it for a while.

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