pancreatic cancer

Five main symptoms of pancreatic cancer are named

Five main symptoms of pancreatic cancer are named

A few days ago, an American television journalist and presenter Jeopardy, 78, Alex Trebek, said he was diagnosed with fourth-degree pancreatic cancer. Trebek said that despite the gravity of the diagnosis, he intends to fight the disease and continue to work.

Meanwhile, recently only in the United States annually reveal one of the most aggressive types of oncology in 50 thousand people.

The main difficulty in diagnosing an illness is related to its symptoms, which are difficult in the early stages to distinguish from the manifestations of other less dangerous diseases.

According to, pain in the back or stomach, which may increase during a meal, should alert.

The second sign is lack of appetite and significant weight loss. Three more alarming symptoms are stool changes, frequent nausea, yellowing of the skin and or eyes.

The disease mainly affects people aged 50 to 80 years. Those most at risk are those suffering from obesity, diabetes, and chronic pancreatitis.

Earlier, the cult singer Aretha Franklin died from pancreatic oncology at the age of 76, reports the Independent.

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