Discharge in cervical cancer

Discharge in cervical cancer

cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the most common diseases of the genital organs in women, and the statistics carried output it in third place among other cancer pathologies. Malignant neoplasms in the cervix of the uterus are considered one of the easily diagnosed tumors since the disease can be detected by visual inspection.

Modern medical equipment does not always reveal the oncology of the cervix at the beginning of its development, and this explains the low efficiency of the examination. Only 15% of the total number of patients can detect cancer at the very beginning of its development and prevent its further progression, while the advanced stage of the disease is found in about half of the women.

What is the selection with oncology

Most cancers of a malignant character develop in a woman’s body without any pronounced symptoms. Cervical cancer is also no exception and is most often diagnosed during a random gynecological examination when the patient turns to a doctor with a completely different question.

One of the most striking symptoms of cancer is unusual discharge from the genitals, especially in the middle of the cycle, to which a woman must pay attention. A woman lives a normal life and small bleeding, which does not cause any painful sensations and occurs in any period of the menstrual cycle, is not a cause for great anxiety.

In cervical cancer, the discharge is off-pink and sometimes with a greenish tinge. Such bleeding can be observed at the slightest straining, lifting weights, after intercourse, and especially during the intermenstrual period. Bleeding of this nature is one of the signs that the process of tumor disintegration has begun. In the case when oncology affects the cervix, this phenomenon leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the tissues to the slightest touch, and during sexual contact, there is an injury to the affected area. In that case, if bleeding occurs in women during menopause, in most cases, subsequently, during the examination, she is diagnosed with a malignant tumor.

In some cases, bleeding can occur completely suddenly, even in the case when there was no external influence. Such discharge is usually not abundant and short, but should still alert the woman.

In cervical cancer, bloody discolorations are not necessarily observed, and often the woman complains about the appearance of clear mucus with a yellow tinge. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to independently establish a diagnosis based on the color and nature of the discharge, therefore, with their regular appearance and the presence of an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to visit your gynecologist as soon as possible.

In cervical cancer, bleeding can occur in the middle of the cycle and gynecologists use the term uterine bleeding. It can occur in a woman at any age and is a signal that a woman should seek emergency treatment from a specialist. In oncology of the cervix uteri, discharge of bloody nature may appear after each sexual intercourse, and there will be an aching pain in the lower abdomen. At the same time, bleeding with the absence of such painful sensations is absolutely not a sign that the woman is all right. Delaying the visit to the doctor can lead to the fact that the woman’s condition worsens and there will be no way to help her.

Uterine bleeding

When the tumor state of the cervix is observed not only uterine bleeding but leucorrhea, which are of a different nature. They can be watery, have a bloody color, be odorless or, conversely, have an unpleasant odor. Their appearance is due to the fact that an opening of the lymph gaps between the tissues and lymph nodes occurs, and the cause of the beginning of this process is the rejection of parts of the tumor as a result of necrosis. In the event that such discharges linger in the vagina, some infection may join them, causing an unpleasant smell.

In case of a malignant tumor of the cervix, menstruation is characterized by its longer duration, and in comparison with the menstrual cycle of a healthy woman are much harder and with a greater release of blood.

Other symptoms of the disease

Bleeding is not the only sign that cervical cancer is progressing in a woman’s body. In the event that the pathologies were not diagnosed in time, we did not carry out the necessary laziness, a number of symptoms appear at later stages. Many of them are associated with a gradual increase in the tumor, its penetration into adjacent tissues and the occurrence of metastasis.

  • Painful sensations, in the cervix of the uterus there are no nerve cells, so the pain occurs already in the final stages of oncology when the nerve endings are affected in the sacral area. Bleeding in the body may be accompanied by the appearance of painful sensations in such parts of the body as the thigh, perineum, and lower back.
  • Difficult urination, in some cases, some women complain of difficulty urinating, others of his increased frequency, and in the final stages of cervical oncology, it is almost impossible at all.
  • Swelling of the legs.
  • Problems in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The deterioration of the general condition of the body.

Of course, even minor manifestations in a woman’s body, which are unusual and cause a lot of inconveniences, should excite her. The danger of cervical cancer lies in its asymptomatic course, but still, it is necessary to try to prevent the manifestation of pronounced signs. After all, they will testify to the fact that oncology has already penetrated into the neighboring organs and is progressing in the body.

Cervical cancer

Bleeding, unusual discharge and soreness in the body are the reason for going to the doctor, because the first and second stages of the disease can still be cured. The most correct decision to prevent the development of cancer of the genital organs will be a periodic visit to the gynecological clinic, where, during the examination process, pathology can be identified without waiting for the first signs to appear. Conducting a special test, in which a thorough examination of a smear taken from the cervix takes place, makes it possible to obtain information about the presence of cancer cells in the body.

Of course, cervical cancer is a very dangerous disease, but to prevent it or to avoid serious consequences in the strength of the woman herself.

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