Can a girl grow up at 18?

Can a girl grow up at 18?

It is necessary first of all not to carry weights, hang on a horizontal bar for as long as possible, go in for sports. Food should be complete, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, cereals are very useful, dairy products, fish, and meat. The boy grows up to 25 years, so time for growth is.

It always amazed me – why basketball players are so high. Or take only high in basketball? In fact, this sport begins to engage in adolescence, and not all children who are keen on this game are high. From the fact that in this game it is necessary to jump often and high, the growth gradually increases.

First and foremost, go in for sports. Streetball and swimming will help even reach the age of eighteen. In addition, do not forget about the horizontal bar. 5 times a day, twelve times. Any supplements – I am against them. This is a lie. But you stuff your body with every kind of Tadashi.

When we studied at the school, we had one classmate, who was not very tall. So he really wanted to, no, he didn’t grow up, he wanted to build muscle and drank milk protein. Yes, only he was too lazy to swing, especially since his collarbone had been broken sometime. He just drank and drank this protein. A year later, the next semester, everyone noticed that he had grown by a few centimes. And by the end of his studies, he was almost a head taller than us. I don’t presume to say that he was helped by a “miracle protein”, maybe he just took it by nature and grew it, but it was too noticeable.

Of course, the rapid growth in adolescents up to 18 years, and up to 25 years, a person can grow only by 2-3 cm. To grow up at will, it is better for a teenager to enroll in a section of volleyball, basketball, bouncing all the time in training, he will be able to grow 8-10 cm

As far as I know, a simple daily hanging on a horizontal bar can increase height to 10 cm, even in an adult. This is due to the fact that the spine is a fairly flexible tool. Stretching under body weight, it gradually fills the gaps between the vertebrae with tissue and the growth increases.

Well contributes to the growth of swimming, for about the same reason, the spine is pulled out after the movement of the swimmer.

A long time spent at the computer reduces growth and impairs posture. Therefore, it is necessary to combine work with exercise.

This is what is used by official medicine in particularly difficult situations when it is necessary to increase the growth (but it also has many side effects).

  1. It is a growth hormone.
  2. An operation to lengthen the shin of the legs and in rare cases the hips of the leg. To do this, first, make a fracture and wear an Ilizarov apparatus. The state specialized medical center is located in the city of Kurgan.

I think that a small increase in this almost adult age may be due to the fact that the guy smokes. This can affect the body so much that its growth in adolescence stops.

Therefore, it is necessary to quit smoking.

More important is heredity. If the parents are short, it is not surprising if the child is the same. In this case, you will not go against the priors and I do not think that it is worth the operation on the deer when the bones break.

There will be a horizontal bar, but you should not expect great results.

Tall guys can be both genetically tall, and themselves contribute to their growth.

First, you need to catch up every day. It stretches the spine.

Secondly, engage in stretching, jumping and doing exercises. And in general, the sport has not harmed anyone yet. We will even take basketball players, football players, most of them are all high, and they start practicing from childhood.

But if it is genetically inherent in you that you will not be high (mom and dad and all close relatives are low), then all efforts will be in vain.

Doctors believe that men grow to 25 years. You can get a little higher if you do stretching exercises (but do not overdo it!) – for example, on a horizontal bar. Under the weight of the body, the intervertebral discs stretch and the growth increases.

is it possible to grow up in 18 years old girl

The question of finding an effective method for increasing growth concerns a huge number of people. Especially it concerns the use of various additives containing calcium, hovering on such sports equipment as a horizontal bar.

Growth factors

Formation growth, according to scientists, 80-85% depends on such genetic indicators as gender and race, and external factors, that is, a sufficient level of nutrition and sports, affect this process only by 15-20%. If we summarize this data, it becomes clear that it is nature that laid down how high a person will be.

Adults can only fundamentally change their height through surgical complex intervention. Here neither the special diet nor hanging on a horizontal bar will help. There are some exercises, mainly from yoga, a certain approach to the selection of items of clothing that allow you to visually appear somewhat higher.

How is the child’s height calculated?

The formula assumes summation of height in centimeters of both parents and a division into two. To the resulting value is added, if the calculation is carried out for a boy, or taken away when the calculation is done for a girl, the number “13”. The result will be the growth of the child when he grows up, with an accuracy of 80% and an error of 5 cm in a smaller or larger direction.

There are statistics of average height for men by geographic location. On the territory of Russia, it is 175-177, Europe – 176, Latin American countries – 170, China and a number of Asian countries – 167, India – 164 cm.

How to get 10 cm higher?

This question is relevant for adolescents when puberty is not over, that is, the growth zone has not yet closed. If during this period you start to stretch, hang on a horizontal bar or swim regularly, which is especially effective, you can achieve an increase in height.

Strength training, in contrast to the listed physical activity, has the opposite effect. Vertical load, characteristic for exercises with dumbbells or barbell, significantly inhibits bone growth. Not the last role is played by testosterone, the increased production of which contributes to the fact that growth zones are closed earlier.

Diet to increase growth

Such factors as insufficient caloric intake and protein deficiency can slow down the processes of natural growth in childhood. Males from South Korea are about 7 centimeters taller than residents of North. The reason for this, as you can guess, was a lack of vitamins and constant malnutrition in the latter.

To realize the potential for growth inherent in the child allows only a balanced diet. The diet should contain vegetables, cereals, rich in minerals cereals – buckwheat, lentils, oatmeal. It is important that the menu is necessarily sea fish, which is a source of iodine, omega-3 fatty acids.

Dependence of growth on special additives

There are components whose consumption is critical for the growth of each child in the first years of life. It is zinc with vitamin D. However, the use of these substances together with food or as additives do not have a similar effect on the body of an adult.

The role of calcium, which for a long time was considered an essential element for a growing organism, has not been confirmed. Recent studies have shown that it does not help improve the condition of the bones in an adult.

How can you be taller than an adult?

Growth hormones, administered in the form of injections, are prescribed only in adolescence. They are appointed by a specialist, act on the bones, contributing to their stretching. For adults, this technique is not suitable, since the growth zones are closed. All that remains is surgery on the extrusion of bones.

This is quite a painful operation, when staples with knitting needles are inserted into each upper leg of the upper bone layer. Extrusion is carried out at the expense of the threaded rod, sliding apart by 0.25 mm four times a day. As a result, a person becomes 6-7 cm taller, but this is achieved only in a year, most of which has to walk on crutches.

Exercises to increase growth

is it possible to grow up in 18 years old girl

If the horizontal bar and swimming cannot help an adult to become taller, then straightening the spine and improving posture from doing some exercises from yoga practice can stretch by 5 cm.

When you have to put up with growth, it is important to choose the right wardrobe. A dark bottom with a bright top, a V-shaped neck, a gel-raised hairstyle is an image that makes you look taller.


A proper diet and non-strength sports help the child and teenager to become taller. For an adult, they are replaced by yoga and some tricks in the selection of items of clothing, a competent combination of colors.

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