10 ways to get rid of depression yourself

10 ways to get rid of depression yourself

Life has lost its colors and there is no incentive to continue it. In my heart a sad sadness and no mood to do anything. Even the upcoming holidays do not bring joy. If you have such feelings, it is depression. But do not confuse depression and just a bad mood. Depression is a really serious disease that, in severe cases, leads to suicide. Some facts:

  • More than 350 million people from all over the world suffer from depressive disorders.
  • 45-60% of all suicides are committed in a depressed state.
  • Every year, 150 million people lose their ability to work while in depression.
  • Only 3% of people are not prone to depression. Others are experiencing it now, or have been exposed to it in the past, or are at risk of being in the future.

Therefore, do not treat it dismissively. Let’s see together what it is and how you can get rid of depression yourself.

Signs of depression:

  1. Apathy, lack of purpose in life and loss of meaning
  2. Focus on negative thoughts
  3. Sleepiness or vice versa insomnia
  4. Lack of emotion, reaction to what is happening
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Increased fatigue, reduced ability to concentrate

Mental pain brings no less suffering than physical. But we feel pain, not for the reason that it is, but because we treat it that way. By itself, pain bears only a signal that something is wrong. And how we perceive this pain brings us great suffering. We cannot calmly accept that we have pain and what thoughts arise from this-this is suffering.

Psychologist’s advice on how to cure depression at home

  • Stop the life cycle

Some people do not attach much importance to their long-standing state of depression. They think that everything will go away by itself. And they continue their normal life until depression becomes aggravated to such an extent that thoughts of suicide appear and the person completely loses the desire to live. It is natural to do so – to your detriment Therefore, the best solution would be to give yourself a break at the first signs of depression. Stop spinning like a squirrel in a wheel and think about the situation. The problem itself will not resolve. And closing your eyes to her, hiding your head in the sand is not the way. So you only prolong your suffering.

  • Release negative experiences and resentment

Bring along a load of accumulated insults is a mistake that many make. Its consequences spoil life very much. Therefore, it is worth a good work on yourself to get rid of such a habit. At first, it will seem that it is very difficult. But, if you do not retreat before the first difficulties, then soon you will feel unprecedented ease. There are many ways and meditations to let go of the negative. 

This is the first rule of all people succeeding in life. After all, they have a rich life and not only good events, but also negative ones too.

The ability to not dwell on painful situations, on the fact that someone did not behave properly with you – this is excellent quality.

No need to think that these are manifestations of weak will, disrespect for oneself, or inability to stand up for oneself. In fact, the ability to forget the negative – says the strength of character and spiritual growth of a person.

Case from practice:

I decided to turn to a psychologist after the death of my daughter. Getting out of gloom and tearing angst was not possible.

I was literally crushed and nailed to the ground, unable to build a further life. The feeling of guilt filled me from within, it seemed that all other emotions simply ceased to exist for me.

Relatives began to sound the alarm, and I decided to sign up for a psychologist. This was the last hope. To my surprise, after a few tricks, I felt much better.

I began to enjoy the good weather and other pleasant events. Only after several months of such work, I was able to calmly sigh and begin to make plans. Of course, the pain disappeared completely, but I learned a very important thing – to live with this pain, and not painfully to exist.

  • Use the healing properties of meditation

This is how the human brain and the consciousness are arranged, that various thoughts constantly rotate in my head, which sometimes does not give us peace of mind. Especially when a lot of problems came over. But in these thoughts, there is no use. Thus, we still can not solve anything. But to bring yourself to psychosis with bright pictures that bad things can happen is quite possible. Therefore, it would be nice if these useless thoughts become less. In addition to our peace of mind, in this case, there will be a good concentration and, as a result, working capacity. The best way to get rid of obsessive thoughts and become calmer is meditation.

No need to think that only yogis in the mountains can meditate. This may well be engaged and an ordinary person. Meditation is a concentration on something. These may be different mantras. The easiest way to meditate is to concentrate on your breathing and ignore emerging thoughts. Start using this technique for 15-20 minutes in the morning and in the evening and in a month you will already feel how you change from this, you will find peace and balance.

  •  Get rid of negative energy
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If a lot of anger has accumulated inside, it is necessary to throw it out. Perhaps you are angry with your spouse or other relatives, co-workers, or even the whole world.

Better you from these emotions will not. There are 2 ways to get rid of them.

  1. Find a deserted place, for example, in a forest or a park and start shouting loudly, with all the strength and anger that you have inside.
  2. If you have a pear or a person with whom you can poboksirovat, then you can use this method.
  • Do general cleaning in the house, throw away unnecessary things.

Some may ask: how can this help me get rid of depression? Everything is very simple. The trash and uncleaned space subconsciously push a person into the garbage and in the soul, unwillingness to change internally. When the apartment is in order, our thoughts and state of mind come in order.

Revise your wardrobe and other things. Surely there will be a lot of things that you have not used for a long time. If it’s a pity to just throw it out, you can sell it, give it to friends or people in need.

  •  Do not abuse alcohol

Such temporary distractions from the problem, such as alcohol, cigarettes, casual relationships with the opposite sex, will not at all help in its solution.

This will only save you a short time from yourself, make you forget about depression. But then she will return with a new force.

Yes, plus everything else will appear hangover and other harmful effects on the body. In the case of a relationship with the opposite sex for sexual intrigue, besides the emptiness in your soul, you still run the risk of running into a person with poor energy. Which will further aggravate your condition?

  • Say no to loneliness, but choose the right interlocutor

Do not try to become reclusive. It is necessary to combine work on yourself and communication equally. Conversations with conscious people who possess the wisdom of life will greatly benefit you. What does a conscious person mean? This category includes people who do not suffer from depression and unstable mental state. On the contrary, they are always calm, bravely enduring problems and full of positive energy. You can learn a lot from such people. If you sincerely talk about your difficulties with a knowledgeable person, then only due to the fact that you speak out, you will receive a huge relief.

  • Hobbies – the best cure for all ills

Perhaps some people have not found their hobby or do not find time to do it. But what you really enjoy doing brings us many happy moments and satisfaction. So look for your favorite activities, give them time. It would be ideal to associate your work with this. Many people find boredom and depression only by the fact that they know how to make themselves work. Naturally, in such conditions do not want to get up in the morning. But if you set aside time for a hobby, life will play with new colors and acquire meaning. After all, it is an opportunity to express yourself.

There are people who can say about themselves: I have no talents or abilities for anything. This is absolutely not true. Everyone has a unique gift, you just need to find it and open it.

  • Get new emotions

The life of many people is like groundhog day. Work, the house 5 days a week, and on weekends – a TV and a sofa. With this way of life, it is not surprising to fall into apathy. To shake things up and get a taste of life, do something extraordinary. For example:

  • jump from a parachute
  • play paintball with friends
  • visit the rides
  • in winter you can ride from a steep mountain
  • as an option, meet a beautiful member of the opposite sex.

Do what scares you. So you absolutely get a surge of adrenaline and cheerfulness.

  • Go to a healthy diet

Nowadays there are many healthy food dishes that taste good. Give up heavy and fatty foods, do not abuse meat. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. Proper nutrition gives person energy, and the opposite takes it wrong. And the person becomes lethargic and lazy. Also in your situation, you can often indulge yourself with your favorite dish. Unless of course, it does not fall into the category of harmful.

  • Arrange a little outdoor recreation

It is very good to arrange such walks while remaining alone with yourself. Nature works very soothingly. Being in a picturesque quiet place you start to think differently. And you can more understand yourself and your difficulties. If time permits, you can even take a tent and go camping for the whole day. Back you will come back updated and pacified.

Self-healing tips

1) Rate Depression

We all do not like when something bad, negative happens. Especially if everything is so terrible that depression occurs. But it’s worth looking at it from the other side and then you will be able to recover from any oppressed state no matter how strong it is. Depression is a kind of signal that something is wrong. We are used to paying attention only to negative signals. If everything was good, then we simply would not have noticed. Therefore, the depressed state should be considered only as a signal. So that we pay attention to ourselves and understand what is wrong. In this vein, we can say that depression is not our enemy, but the best friend.

2) Try to find the cause

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Exploring your inner world will help you identify the cause and find its solution accordingly. Ask yourself the following questions to make analysis easier. And answer them in writing.

  1. When did my depression start, what did it proceed?
  2. Did I invent this suffering for myself?
  3. Who caused my bad health?

If experiences are associated with failed relationships in this article, you will find information on how to let a person out of their thoughts.

A case from practice: I decided to turn to a psychologist after 10 years trying to independently deal with problems in the family. My relationship with my husband very oppressed. I was in a protracted depression.

But in spite of everything, I wanted to save my family, so trying to contact a psychologist was the last chance. I was pleasantly surprised.

If I had known earlier that this would help solve all my problems, I would have done it long ago. My husband began to treat me quite differently. And even though I alone attended consultations, the family accepted changes in my behavior. After the first session, our quarrels stopped.

In addition to everything, I was able to deeply realize my complexes and ghosts of the past, which helped me find an excellent dream job!


3) Think about changes in lifestyle

After the reason is found, go to the next step. Rate your life, what needs to be changed in it?

  1. If depression is associated with a divorce or a relationship breakdown, we have a detailed article about relationship errors.
  2. Perhaps there are people in your surroundings who make you sad. Then you don’t need to communicate with them at all.
  3. Or you look too much on TV scandalous programs and serials that act on you as an irritant.

4) Think about what to bring to your life.

Now it is time to reflect on what good you can start doing to harmonize your life. For example, it could be:

  • A new job that won’t wind your nerves
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Change your mode: go to bed earlier and get up earlier

There may be a lot of options. Such good habits will help you in the fight against depression.

We treat postpartum depression yourself

Many newly-made mothers do not realize that in addition to the joy of such an event, they may experience a bad state. And in severe form even depression.

Symptoms of this: sleep disturbance, mood, depression, sadness, fatigue. All of the above prevents a young mother from taking care of the baby, herself and other family members.

It is worth noting that it alone makes sense to fight postpartum depression only in its mild form. If the oppressed state is manifested strongly enough, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Psychologist tips:

  • Prioritize

First, perform the duties of child care. It must be full, healthy and dry. Daily bathing before bedtime will ensure your baby’s well-being and sound sleep for both of you. Secondarily, after the baby fell asleep, think about your rest. You can sleep with him. A dirty diaper, dishes, cleaning the house can wait. After you have a rest, you can remake these things much faster, since you will have more strength.

  • Do not refuse help Even if you were a super mistress before the appearance of the child and everything was in time, many additional responsibilities have now appeared. And you need time to get used to the new pace of life.

Therefore, take any help, and if no one offers it, then you need to ask for it yourself. Think about who and what can help. Go for groceries, cook dinner, sit with the baby and other things.

  • Do not be upset that you are not perfect In the first years of a baby’s life, no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to do everything. So do not dwell on it and do not drive yourself into the frame. So you only deplete your strength and psyche, and your depression can become even deeper.
  • Make a Plan

    Making a plan for the day perfectly helps to save time and have time to do the necessary things. Make a list of cases, divide them by importance.

As free time will appear, immediately take up their implementation. But don’t plan too much. With the baby, you are unlikely to succeed.

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And try to be more flexible to this list. After all, newborns are unpredictable creatures. Sometimes a child behaves too capriciously and does not give his mother anything else to do except him.

Do not be upset in such cases. The plan is needed to help you, and not to spoil the mood.

  • Watch for food

After giving birth, a woman needs to monitor her nutrition. Observe diet, diet, if the baby is breastfed, as well as the usefulness of food.

If you cook simple dishes, such as soups, cereals, steamed vegetables, you will have more time. If possible, buy the necessary kitchen appliances: dishwasher, slow cooker, blender. These things will greatly facilitate your routine.

  •  Do not forget to pay attention to yourself

Any mother always remains a woman. And women are accustomed to following and caring for themselves. Therefore, after giving birth, try to devote a little time to yourself.

When the baby is sleeping, ask someone to look after him. And at this time you can take, without hurrying a bath, make a mask on your face or hair.

These simple procedures will help you and psychologically find peace and recharge your batteries. And also bring a little variety to the usual routine day.

Coping with alcohol depression on your own

In persons with alcoholism, depression is quite common. A person resorting to alcohol wants to improve his mood, get rid of problems, and in fact, runs the risk of getting depressed. This condition is considered very dangerous, as are frequent attempts to commit suicide. Symptoms include decreased mood, mental and physical inhibition, anxiety, and tearfulness.

If you have noticed such manifestations of behavior in a loved one during his alcohol hobby, then you should immediately consult a doctor. On their own, people with such depression do not usually visit a doctor.

As for treatment at home without a specialist, then in milder forms of the oppressed state, it is possible to recover by yourself. But only if the patient stops consuming alcohol and endures even more severe depression after giving up alcohol.

But nevertheless, for the safety net, the intervention of a specialist is not superfluous.


Apathy is a side effect of depression or its component. One of the most unpleasant states. Lost the desire and desire to work, learn, in a word to perform the usual and necessary actions.

It happens to everyone. But only with the depressed state of apathy does not stop for quite a long time, like other symptoms.

Methods of struggle: 1) Do not try to oust apathy and force yourself to do the right things. So you will turn into a robot without emotion, and sooner or later the breakdown will still occur.

Therefore, at the first signs of laziness, it is better to take a day off and allow yourself to do “not doing anything”. After a certain time, you will get tired of such an empty pastime and you will return to life again.

But at the same time, you can analyze your life and peer into your problems.

2) Often, lethargy occurs when there is a lot of doubt in oneself, one’s significance and success. In order to increase confidence, remember all your achievements from childhood or read in detail in the article how to improve self-esteem.

Surely you have not one. Your rewards were received by you not just like that, but because of your abilities and perseverance.


Along with the depressed state, anxiety often emerges for one’s life or one’s loved ones, for the future. Below are some tips. 1) Describe on paper everything that concerns you. This way, as always, works great. 2) Learn to live in the moment

Most people either cannot forget about the oppressive past or are puzzled about the future. But neither is meaningless. Heavy thoughts about the past certainly will not bring you good.

And thinking about the future is also a waste of time because, in reality, everything can happen quite differently. By winding himself up and fearing that everything will go according to a bad scenario, a person can “pull” these situations to him.

So be here and now, even if you wash the dishes or walk on foot.

Deep or prolonged depression

If you are in a prolonged or deep depressive state, you will need to consult a doctor to get rid of it. Self-treatment, in this case, should not be engaged.

Perhaps you think that life has completely ceased to interest you and you have nothing to lose. But understand, these are just the symptoms of your illness.

And the sooner you go to an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist, the sooner you will be able to recover.

Now you have a guide on how to cope with depression. If you still have questions, you can always contact us for help on the advice of a psychologist online “depression, loneliness”.

Our experienced specialists will provide you with professional support, and in the shortest possible time will help to change your attitude to life. We wish you success and joyful mood every day!

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